All or nothing: Manchester City comes to Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is putting a lot of focus on sports with regards to its Prime Video streaming service, albeit in a slightly different way than one might think. Yes, Thursday has earned the rights to broadcast NFL games, but the strategy is mainly to make documentaries that go behind the scenes of the world's top teams. The series, titled All or nothing soon it will be enriched with a new chapter related to the football champions of manchester city.

The one of the Manchester City will be one of the flagship programs of the new season of Prime Video along with the other chapters of the All or Nothing series (New Zealand All Blacks, The Michigan Wolverines and Dallas Cowboys).

Specifically, all or nothing: Manchester City will offer a Summary of the Cityzens in the 2017-2018 season: from the training fields and gyms of the City Soccer Academy, to interviews with coaches, board meetings and unexpected moments of the season.

What you see below is the first trailer of the new episode released in the last few days by Amazon. From what we can see, the documentary will delve into what behind the scenes that the broadcasters that own the television rights do not usually show.

In short, All or Nothing will take us, once again, behind the scenes of one of the best teams in the world. In this case, it will also take us into what is perhaps the most beautiful football league of all, the Premier league.

The documentary will be available on Prime Video in 2018 in more than 200 countries, although a date has not yet been given. What we do know is that All or Nothing will first be enriched by another episode, namely the one dedicated to the New Zealand All Blacks, scheduled to air from June 1st.

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