Apple knew the iPhone 6 had structural problems, internal documents confirm

Apple I was aware of that Iphone 6 AND iphone 6 plus they were more prone to bending than the iPhone 5S. The information was made public after a legal action initiated as a result of the cases of touch diseaseproblems that caused the touch screen to malfunction due to the bending related to the normal use of the smartphone.

According to tests conducted internally, and never made public, Apple knew that the odds that the iPhone 6 could bend were 3.3 times higher than the odds of the iPhone 5S, the odds increased 7.2 times for the iPhone 6 Plus. . The test data was handed over to the judge. following the case, who partially revealed the content.

Although internal testing highlighted clear design deficiencies, Apple has always claimed that there were no structural errors behind the problems of the two smartphones, which we remember triggered the famous curved door. The case quickly subsided to reappear at the beginning of 2016, when numerous Iphone 6 AND 6 more began to suffer touch diseasecaused by problems with the Touch IC chip that controls screen touches.

According to numerous independent repairers, the chip in question tended to partly unsolder due to structural issues, causing smartphones to bend slightly after normal use. Putting the iPhone in the back pocket or front pocket, but also putting it in and taking it out of a case, could cause small bends to cause partial breakage of the welds and consequent problems.

Since May 2016, Apple began reinforcing the chip in question by adding epoxy glue to better secure it to the motherboard and prevent micro-cracks in the solder joints. According to Lucy Koh, the US district court judge hearing the case, she only started using this remedy after millions of smartphones were sold.

However, the same judge rejected the certification of class action and Apple, during the trial, is systematically dismantling the prosecution's theses, stating that none of the experts cited can be considered as such, since they do not have access to Apple's internal evidence. According to the Cupertino giant, the problems of touch disease they only appear after that the smartphone was repeatedly dropped on a hard surface.

We just have to follow the development of the story to understand if Apple will be found guilty or not. Meanwhile Apple At the moment he did not want to give official statements about this information.


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