Call for community contributions!

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Hi Everyone!

There has been a lot of exciting developments in the Q# community recently, from the announcement of Azure Quantum, tons of new features and bug fixes in QDK releases, and a new way to run your Q# code as a command line application!

We here at the community have been working hard to curate more community projects, posts, and Q# content, like our new qRAM library or Q# live coding on twitch! We are super excited to highlight some of the amazing open source community projects and content that are making the Q# and quantum development community better.

If you would like to contribute a blog post, host your project as a part of the community, or have any ideas for a project you would like to see, either make a pull request or hop on the Gitter and let us know!

Never made a pull request before? Not sure how to use our website template? We can help! Just message us on the Gitter or send an email to info@qsharp.communityšŸ’–

Thanks, and we are excited to see how this community grows!

ā€” Sarah (@crazy4pi314)