Understanding Discord Emoji Size Limit: Everything You Need to Know

Discord Emoji Size Limit: Learn all about the maximum size limit for emojis on Discord and how to optimize your images to fit within the restrictions. Discover the ideal dimensions and formats for creating eye-catching emojis that enhance your server's communication and expression.

  1. Understanding Discord Emoji Size Limit: A Comprehensive Guide for How to Use Emojis Efficiently
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  3. What is the maximum size for Discord emojis?
  4. What is the maximum size allowed for Discord emoji gifs?
  5. How can I adjust the size of emotes in Discord?
  6. What image size is too large for a Discord emoji?
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Understanding Discord Emoji Size Limit: A Comprehensive Guide for How to Use Emojis Efficiently

Discord Emoji Size Limit: A Comprehensive Guide for Efficient Emoji Usage

Emojis have become an integral part of online communication, adding a touch of emotion and expression to conversations. However, when it comes to using emojis on Discord, it's essential to understand the platform's emoji size limit to ensure efficient usage.

What is the Emoji Size Limit on Discord?

Discord enforces a maximum file size limit for emojis, which is set at 256 kilobytes (KB). This means that any emoji uploaded to Discord should not exceed this specified size limit.

Why is the Emoji Size Limit Important?

Staying within the emoji size limit is crucial because exceeding it can lead to various issues. Firstly, larger emojis take longer to load and can significantly slow down the conversation for users with slower internet connections. Additionally, oversized emojis can disrupt the chat layout, causing inconvenience for users who are trying to follow the conversation.

How to Comply with the Emoji Size Limit

To ensure efficient emoji usage on Discord, here are some tips to help you comply with the emoji size limit:

1. Optimize Emoji Resolution: Prioritize quality over quantity by using emojis with lower resolutions. High-resolution emojis tend to have larger file sizes, so choosing ones with smaller dimensions can help keep the file size within the limit.

2. Use Compressed Formats: When creating or converting emojis, consider using compressed image formats like PNG or JPEG. These formats offer better compression rates, reducing the file size without significant loss in visual quality.

3. Avoid Excessive Animation: Animated emojis can be fun, but they often come with larger file sizes. Limit the use of animated emojis or opt for ones with shorter animations to ensure they do not exceed the size limit.

4. Test Before Uploading: Before uploading an emoji to Discord, it's recommended to test it on various devices and internet connections. This way, you can ensure that the emoji loads quickly and doesn't cause any layout issues.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively use emojis on Discord while staying within the platform's emoji size limit. Remember, efficient emoji usage enhances the overall user experience during conversations.


Understanding and adhering to Discord's emoji size limit is essential for seamless communication and user satisfaction. By optimizing resolution, using compressed formats, avoiding excessive animation, and testing emojis before uploading, you can ensure efficient and enjoyable emoji usage on Discord.

Discord Mod Speedrun (9.17 seconds)

What is the maximum size for Discord emojis?

The maximum size for Discord emojis is **128x128 pixels**. This means that the height and width of an emoji cannot exceed these dimensions. When creating or uploading emojis to Discord, it's important to remember this size limit to ensure that they display properly and don't appear distorted.

What is the maximum size allowed for Discord emoji gifs?

The maximum size allowed for Discord emoji gifs is **256 KB**. This means that when creating or uploading a gif to be used as an emoji on Discord, it should not exceed this file size limit. If the gif you want to use is larger than 256 KB, you will need to find a way to optimize or reduce its size before using it as an emoji on Discord.

How can I adjust the size of emotes in Discord?

To adjust the size of emotes in Discord, follow these steps:

1. Open Discord and go to your User Settings by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. In the User Settings menu, click on "Text & Images" in the left sidebar.

3. Under the "Text & Images" section, look for the "Emojis" heading. Here, you will find an option called "Emoji Size."

4. Use the slider or enter a numerical value to adjust the size of the emotes. Moving the slider to the right increases the size, while moving it to the left decreases it. Alternatively, you can directly enter a specific size value.

5. Once you have adjusted the size to your preference, close the User Settings window.

Now, you should see the emotes appear larger or smaller, depending on the adjustments you made. Keep in mind that these changes only apply to your personal view of Discord and will not affect how others see the emotes.

What image size is too large for a Discord emoji?

The maximum image size for a Discord emoji is 128x128 pixels. Discord has set this limit to ensure that the emojis do not take up excessive space or cause performance issues. If an image exceeds this size, it will be automatically resized or rejected when trying to upload it as an emoji. Make sure to resize your image accordingly before using it as a Discord emoji.


How to determine the size limit for emojis in Discord?

To determine the size limit for emojis in Discord, follow these steps:

1. Open Discord and go to any server or direct message.
2. Click on the emoji icon on the left side of the chat input box to open the emoji picker.
3. Scroll through the list of emojis and click on any emoji to preview it.
4. While previewing the emoji, take note of its size in pixels. This information will help you understand the size limit for emojis in Discord.

Note: Discord has a default limit of 128x128 pixels for emojis. However, animated emojis have a slightly smaller limit of 32x32 pixels.

Understanding the size limit for emojis in Discord is important when creating or uploading custom emojis. Keep in mind that larger emojis may appear pixelated or distorted, while smaller emojis may not be easily visible.

By using the aforementioned steps, you can determine the suitable size for emojis in Discord and ensure they look clear and visually appealing in your chats.

What are the maximum dimensions for emojis in Discord?

The maximum dimensions for emojis in Discord are 128x128 pixels. This means that emojis should be created or resized to fit within these dimensions to ensure optimal display quality on the platform.

How to resize emojis to meet Discord's size limit?

To resize emojis to meet Discord's size limit, you can follow these steps:

1. **Choose the emoji you want to resize:** Select the emoji that you want to use on Discord and ensure it meets the platform's guidelines in terms of content and format.

2. **Open an image editing software:** Use an image editing software like Photoshop, GIMP, or Canva to resize the emoji. These programs allow you to maintain the image quality while reducing the dimensions.

3. **Open the emoji in the editor:** Import the emoji into the image editing software by either dragging and dropping it or using the "Open" command in the software.

4. **Resize the emoji:** Locate the "Resize" option in your chosen editing software. This option is usually found under the "Edit" or "Image" menu. Enter the desired dimensions for the emoji according to Discord's size limit, which is 128x128 pixels. Make sure to maintain the aspect ratio to avoid distorting the image.

5. **Save the resized emoji:** Save the resized emoji using a different name to avoid overwriting the original file. Choose a file format that supports transparency, such as PNG or GIF, to preserve the emoji's transparency.

6. **Upload the resized emoji to Discord:** Go to your Discord server and navigate to the server settings. Under the "Emoji" tab, click on the "+ Upload Emoji" button. Choose the resized emoji file from your computer and give it a unique name.

7. **Test the resized emoji:** Send a message with the resized emoji in any channel on your Discord server to ensure it displays correctly. If it appears pixelated or distorted, you may need to go back to the image editing software and adjust the resize settings.

By following these steps, you'll be able to resize your emojis to meet Discord's size limit and use them successfully on the platform.

In conclusion, understanding the Discord emoji size limit is crucial for creating visually appealing and optimized content on the platform. By adhering to the recommended dimensions of 128x128 pixels and a file size of 256kb, users can ensure that their emojis display properly without compromising server performance. Additionally, resizing and compressing images using online tools or image editing software can help meet these requirements. Keeping these guidelines in mind will enhance the overall user experience and make interactions on Discord more enjoyable for everyone. So, next time you create an emoji, remember to stay within the Discord emoji size limit and let your creativity shine!

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