How to turn off the iPhone X (Guide)

How to turn off the iPhone X – The new Apple iPhone has seen how the iconic home button was removed, this has led the company to introduce a series of gestures to access multitasking, close applications and assign the opening of Siri and Apple Pay to the power button located on the right .

The classic on/standby/off button, in fact, will now allow you to access the voice assistant with a long press, or use Apple Pay with two consecutive presses. At this point the question may arise: how to turn off iphone x?

to help you understand as turn off iPhone X We show you the three available methods:

  • we can press five times consecutively on the power button, in this way we can access the SOS screen which will show us different sliders:
    • SOS call;
    • medical record (if configured);
    • slide to turn off: sliding on the latter we can turn off the smartphone even from the lock screen.
  • you can use one key combination with:
    • power key + volume down key + volume up key, holding these keys for a long time, the iPhone will turn off.
  • the last possibility (if you don't remember the combinations) is the shutdown via software– You can go to Settings > General > Shutdown, find this last item by scrolling down the page to the bottom.

In short, turning off your iPhone is no longer as immediate as before, thanks to these three methods, however, you can compensate for the classic shutdown action.

How to turn off the iPhone X (Guide) 1 How to turn off the iPhone X (Guide) 2

The good thing is that the bad guys will find it harder turn off iPhone X make the "find my iPhone" service useless, given the available combinations and shutdown through software that can only be accessed after unlocking the smartphone.

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