iPhone X: our unboxing with first impressions, waiting for the review

And finally here we are. After having accompanied us for many weeks (even before the presentation of the iPhone 7) with rumors and imprudence and after the official presentation, the iPhone X has finally reached our hands.

This is the new top of the range from Apple that brings with it an aesthetic and functional revolution like never before seen on board iDevices. Obviously, we are talking about the OLED screen with the almost complete absence of frames around the screen and Face ID, the new biometric authentication system that uses 3D facial recognition instead of fingerprints.

What we show you below is not a review, but just a kind of hands-on video with the unboxing and our first impressions. We will only post the actual review in several days, the time to fully test the iPhone X and to be able to show you its strengths and weaknesses.

In the future, there will also be several comparisons with the iPhone 8 Plus and with the main high-end Android smartphones. If you have any questions about the iPhone X, we invite you to contact us through our social networks:

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