Light Phone 2, the smartphone with essential functions improves

Is called light phone 2 and it is the second generation of a phone launched last year with the intention of offering users a device that "protects" them from all the distractions of today's super technological smartphones.

The Light Phone 2 builds on the same basic concept as its predecessor but introduces some features that could help it win over more users (now, in fact, it's hard to give up all the goodies and conveniences that Light Phones are capable of). modern smartphones). to secure).

  1. How LightPhone 2 works
  2. Technical characteristics of the Light Phone 2
  3. Price, availability and where to buy Light Phone 2

How LightPhone 2 works

The Light Phone 2 features the same design as the original model, but instead of an illuminated 10-digit number pad, it features a touchscreen with E-Ink technology. You can also count on 4G support, the ability to send text messages, a larger microphone and speaker, a USB Type-C port, a proximity sensor, and an alarm clock. The team behind this project is also evaluating the addition of some more advanced features, such as maps, music and support for the services offered by Uber.

If in recent years the operating system of smartphones, both Apple and Android, has become more complicated and confusing, with more and more apps and functions that fight to capture the user's attention, Light's interface uses tools carefully implemented with the aim of making everything as simple as possible.

Technical characteristics of the Light Phone 2

This should be the technical sheet of the Light Phone 2 (obviously subject to change):

  • Dimensions: 91 x 55 x 6.5-7.5mm
  • Operating System: LightOS (Modified Android)
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE, Wi-Fi
  • Memory: 1GB DDR3 RAM / 8GB
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Colour: Black / White
  • Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Weight: 80g
  • Processor: Qualcomm MSM8909W
  • Display: electronic ink
  • Nano SIM card
  • USB type C connector
  • English language
  • Other: vibrator, speaker, headphone jack

Price, availability and where to buy Light Phone 2

At the moment, the Light Phone 2 is still in the prototype stage (the fundraising It is not even finished, although the objective set has already been achieved) and the manufacturer hopes to be able to launch it on the market in 2019, with shipments starting in April.

On Indiegogo it is available at $250 while its official price, once the go-ahead for its commercialization is given, will be 400 dollars.

For more information we refer you to the dedicated page on Indiegogo.

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