Matt Groening returns: Disenchantment will premiere in August on Netflix

The new animated series Disenchantmentplate Netflix and produced by Matt Groeningcreator and creator of the Simpsonswill be presented and launched, the next 17 of August. L'american companyIn the afternoon, he posted on his twitter profile a series of images showing the artistic style, similar in many ways to that of futuramause for Matt Groening in Disenchantment.

Disenchantment briefly tells the story of a group of friends: a young princess named beansYour partner Elf and the devil Lights what a Dreamland, the fantasy world in which the story takes place, they will meet mythological creatures of all kinds. The series will initially consist of 20 episodes, ten of which will premiere on August 17of course in Netflix.

snarl, In addition, in some interviews he explained that the plot will deal with topics such as "life and death" AND "love and sex“.

As a fan of The Simpsons, Futurama and any other production of Mate snarl, we are very curious to see the first ten episodes of Disenchantment. And maybe, the new series. Netflixwill be able to fill that void left by the 2011 of Futurama.


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