Netflix bets on Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay for Six Underground, its most ambitious film

Netflix He should try again, after some discreet attempts in the past, and return to producing action movies, but this time he should aim high by choosing a cast made up of directors, screenwriters and actors of the highest level.

As stated by the hollywood reporterNetflix is ​​going to produce an action movie, titled six undergroundwith the main actor no less than ryan reynoldswho became famous for his role as Wade Wilson in Deadpool, and michael bay in the directorial role, which boasts a long list of extraordinarily successful titles, including the Transformers series.

The plot must be entrusted to two old acquaintances, namely a paul wernick AND Rhett Reese, the two writers and producers of Deadpool. Not much is known yet about the plot of the film, but in principle we know that it should revolve around six billionaires who play dead and assemble a team to fight criminals. It should not be missing, and thank God given the cast, one humor Deadpool style.

Six Underground is scheduled to premiere, obviously on Netflix, during 2019, but at this moment there is not the necessary information to be more precise. The premises for a high-level work to come out and the best thing that Netflix has ever done are all there, but for now it is better to walk carefully and wait for new developments.


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