Netflix will renew the movie catalog in June: here are the movies that will be removed

Perhaps not everyone knows that monthly, On the one hand, Netflix adds new content to its catalog but, on the other, it removes some. This is standard to keep the catalog up to date.

In the month of June, fortunately, there will be few movies that will be withdrawn from the Netflix catalog. In particular, we refer to:

Batman – June 1 – Film made after the success of the 1966 television series starring the legendary Adam West. It is the first movie about the Gotham City hero and perhaps one of the most iconic.

The Danish Girl – June 5 – Based on movies in the book of the same name which recounts the harrowing life situation of the first person to undergo sex reassignment surgery. The two splendid leads are Eddie Redmayne and an equally good Alicia Vikander in the role of his wife, a role that allowed her to win the Oscar for best supporting actress.

A love of testimony – June 7 (comedy about love and the importance of people who discover themselves only when they leave us).

Zootropolis – June 8 – In a world where prey and predator have always lived together, a young police bunny will find herself at the center of a machination aimed at subverting the order of the city.

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension – June 16 – Based on the same plot of the first chapter that caused a stir, it is a story of ghosts and found tapes that did not like much.

A Bigger Splash – June 24 – Rock legend Marianne Lane is vacationing on the volcanic island of Pantelleria with her boyfriend Paul when Harry, her iconoclastic record producer and ex, unexpectedly interrupts her vacation.

Steve Jobs – June 25 – Three historic moments in the life of the famous visionary and CEO of Apple told through three backstage of his famous presentations culminating with the one in 1998 in which he showed the world the iMac.

The Jungle Book – June 25 – The story of Mowgli and his friends with fewer songs than in the cartoon and a bit more dramatic.

In search of happiness – June 30 – The difficult story of the father and son relationship with Will Smith that grafts onto the American tradition of the success story based on the American dream.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – June 30 – Unconventional sentimental bond between two young Americans, Vicky and Cristina, with a charming painter and his wife.

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