News in the field of Mediaset channels: 20 and Extra in HD in digital terrestrial

The start of the World Cup is approaching, help us this year without Italyand the mediaset, the official television that owns the rights to the matches of the highest soccer tournament, has made a small revolution in the channel offer. After signing an agreement with sky italy which provides for the exchange of some channels on its platform and vice versa, the mediaset Today, through a note, he announced that the channels 20 Mediaset AND extra mediaset are also available in high definition, in locations 520 AND 534, both have completed the set of channels that will broadcast the World Cup matches this summer. It goes without saying that even the high-definition versions of italy one AND channel 5 have undergone a change in the position of the channels of their own branch.

The purchase of the rights of the World Cup Russia 2018 unveiled the new strategies of television: according to what we have learned in recent months, mediaset would be willing to gradually leave the world of Pay TV and become a real editor. the deal with Darlingin primis, and the one signed later with TimVision I am confirmation.

finally of mediaset let it be known that in order to have all the new channels in the new order it is advisable to perform a new tuning as soon as possible.

And will you watch the World Cup even without Italy?

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