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Official Microsoft Repositories for Q#

Don't know where to start contributing? Check out good first issues on open source Q# with a node command line tool that lists good first issues!
$ npx good-first-issue quantum-development-kit
Repo What can I find here?
Q# Docs Official Q# documentation at [docs.microsoft.com/quantum](https://docs.microsoft.com/quantum)
Q# Samples Microsoft Quantum Development Kit Samples
Q# Libraries Q# libraries for the Quantum Development Kit.
Q# Compiler Q# compiler for the Quantum Development Kit.
Q# Runtime Q# runtime components for the Quantum Development Kit.
QuantumKatas Programming exercises for learning Q# and quantum computing
Quantum-NC Microsoft Quantum Computing Libraries for noncommercial use
qsharp.sty LaTeX syntax highlighting for Q#
Repo What can I find here?
MLADS2018-QuantumML Introduction to Quantum Machine Learning workshop
GHC18-IntroToQuantumComputing 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration Workshop materials
Qubit Modeling Tools Automation for the setup of complex geometries appropriate for physical qubit simulations