Sky 3D to close its doors on January 16, making free movies on Sky On Demand

3D has not brought about as great a revolution in cinema as expected. Despite this, Sky has successfully opened a 3D clique where it has pitched various films and documentaries. However, to free up bandwidth for the broadcasts in 4K and HDR (the real revolution in cinema), has decided that the Sky 3D channel will close its doors from January 16.

Sky 3D has a list price of €5 every 4 weeks, with a full discount for customers with Sky HD and with Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky Calcio.

From 16 January 2018 it will be available free of charge to all customers with Sky Cinema and an active Sky On Demand service.

The entire catalog of 3D movies will continue to be accessible through the On Demand section. In fact, linear programming will be replaced by access to individual titles through the Internet. Therefore, it will suffice to access the Sky On Demand Cinema section to be able to see more than 40 titles from the 3D Cinema Collection.

Viewing all Sky 3D content via On Demand will be completely free for Sky Cinema subscribers.

At this point the situation related to 4K becomes very interesting. With the Sky Q platform launched a few weeks ago, the first 4K content will be available from 2018 and, considering that the Champions League will be exclusive to Sky for the next three years (and probably Formula 1 as well), it is not It excludes that in addition to movies, sport will also make up the Sky 4K package.

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