The best security system is now available on iPhone

A combination of two-factor authentication and strong password management is often enough to keep your accounts secure. However, to be completely sure, the 2FA must be applied in the correct way, that is, using a USB key compatible with the FIDO standards. In this sense, we point out that Yubico has introduced an additional security system for iOS that allows access to applications without interruptions by placing a YubiKey NFC behind the iPhone.

Digital security is now more than ever something very important to keep high. The first line of defense regarding the web is the use of long and complex passwords, perhaps along with a password manager to make memorization easier. The second level of defense is called 2FA or two-factor authenticationof which the first is represented by the password while the second by a prosecution (One-time password).

The second factor can be sent or via SMS (the worst solution since sending and receiving SMS are not encrypted), or through a tab app (Google Authenticator or Authy for example) or through a physical tokenjust like YubiKey NFC.

YubiKey is a small USB authentication device that acts as a second line of defense. Eliminates the need to switch between applications and write temporary codes and reduces the potential risks associated with mobile notifications and SMS. And depending on how fast you type, YubiKey is up to four times faster than a single password (OTP).

To use an NFC YubiKey it is necessary to have iOS 11 or later available and, above all, a compatible app, such as last pass.

Most hacker breaches are due to weak passwords, but OTP solutions like YubiKey make your accounts much harder to break into.

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