What will iOS 12 be like? A nice concept anticipates the curtain of notifications and Apple Music

We are less than two weeks away from WWDC 2018, an event where the presentation of Apple's new operating systems will take place, including iOS 12. Despite this, we still do not have information on what the functional and graphic novelties will be.

With a work inspired by user feedback, we want to show you two interesting concepts that put the emphasis on how it could change the Notification curtain and Apple Music UI.

Starting from the notification curtain, more than a graphic change there would be a functional change that many have been asking for for a long time: grouping notifications by app and not chronologically.

As you can see, each app will have its own bubble and the most recent notifications will be added at the bottom, to maintain a minimum chronology and therefore be able to read the thread in the case of messages.

Right at the top we have a clock smaller than current iOS 11. The current implementation takes up almost half of the screen, which feels like a complete waste of space.

What will iOS 12 be like?  A good concept anticipates the notification curtain and Apple Music 2

As for Apple Music, the news would also be mixed between functional and graphic. In particular, the concept envisions improvements in some prominent points:

  • Revamped library with daily suggestions for playlists, stations, artists, and personal mixes
  • Ability to browse artists, albums, genres, top charts, trending by country
  • Custom playlists based on music from your personal library
  • Group Playlists
  • More accurate and detailed social profiles
  • News from the artists you follow
  • Weekly reports on music listened to
  • History of top artists, albums and songs
  • Redesigned album view
  • Album and single announcements
  • new gestures

Since these are just iOS 12 concepts, Apple developers are likely working on something different. However, precisely because they are based on the comments of many users, in our opinion such an update would not be bad at all. what do you think about it?

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