What's new in iOS 12 and the possible names of macOS 10.14

In the next WWDC 2018 Apple will present what are the news related to the new operating systems iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 (this is an event dedicated purely to software). Although the Cupertino giant has done everything possible to keep the information secret and avoid leaks, we finally have something "to work on".

  1. iOS 12 is Apple's gateway to hotels
  2. What will macOS 10.14 be called?

iOS 12 is Apple's gateway to hotels

Starting with iOS 12, Apple's new mobile operating system could allow third-party applications to access the NFC chip. It may seem like a minor thing (and if you have an Android smartphone it certainly is) but, considering that everything could be used as a main authentication system in the most important hotels in the worldit definitely isn't.

In addition to physical access to hotel rooms, Apple may be willing to replace tickets and public transport passes with the NFC technology of the iPhone.

Apple started down this path with iOS 11, adding the CoreNFC framework. This framework allows applications to use the NFC chip as an arbitrary RFID tag scanner. However, the full use of the NFC chip was left "in the hands of Apple."

What will macOS 10.14 be called?

Turning now to the analysis of macOS 10.14, by registering some trademarks requested by Apple we have been able to narrow the field to the commercial name that will be given to the new operating system.

We remind you that the names of macOS have always referred to natural beauties, fauna and national parks and, even in the case of version 10.14, there will be no differences. Names registered by Apple in the Philippines include: mojave, Redwood, sonoma AND fortune; in Cambodia Apple has registered only the name mojave.

Wanting to summarize the history of OSX names, we find that initially the names derive from felines: version 10.0 was called Cheetah (Cheetah), 10.1 Cougaron 10.2 jaguars (Jaguar), on 10.3 Panther (Panther), on 10.4 Tiger (Tiger), on 10.5 Leopard (Leopard), on 10.6 snow leopard (Snow leopard), on 10.7 Lion (Leo), on 10.8 Mountain lion (Mountain lion).

Since OS X 10.9 then we move to naturalistic places, with version 10.9 Mavericksthe 10.10 Yosemiteon 10.11 Captain10.12 Sierra and 10.13 high sierra.

Of the four names registered by Apple, which would you prefer?

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