While waiting for the microLEDs, Samsung bets everything on the Blue OLEDs applied to the Quantum Dots

In the world of TV screens, the strengths of each manufacturer have now emerged. Be LG is the king of televisions with OLED technologySamsung has decided to invest heavily in QLED technology which uses a less drastic and expensive approach than classic LCD displays. However, the development process is leading Samsung to invest heavily in microLED, technology that is also coveted by Apple. While we were waiting for the production line to be fully optimized, we learned that Samsung has invested heavily in adopting the technology. Blue OLED applied to Quantum Dots.

To better explain Samsung's choice, it's good to explain a bit how OLED technology works. Unlike LCD panels, OLEDs do not have a backlight, since each pixel is capable of emitting light. This results in minimal thicknesses and higher gloss. However, the serious burn-in problem causes these screens to deteriorate faster. For more information on the difference between OLED and LCD, we refer you to our detailed article.

  1. Improvements without infringing LG patents
  2. professional objective

Improvements without infringing LG patents

With Blue OLED applied to Quantum Dots, Samsung hopes to bring the benefits of organic materials without interfering with LG's patents on WRGB technology. In fact, while LG TVs use "white" OLED lighting and color filters placed in front of the panels, Samsung intends to use blue OLED lighting.

Unlike the technique used by LG, using blue OLED lighting is more unstable and could lead to even more sudden deterioration. However, Samsung would have solved the problem by using a stack of panels, with two or three layers on top of each other.

professional objective

By applying this technology to Quantum Dots, in addition to higher brightness, the OLED backlit panel could achieve the coveted 100% coverage of the REC2020 color space (which makes TVs ideal for graphics and photo editing). In short, while waiting for the real microLED revolution and after making sure that TVs can be used for high-end gaming, Samsung could still do better with Quantum Dots.


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